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Licensed professional mental health and life enrichment services

We offer confidential services for those who seek to improve their personal life and find a brighter tomorrow. The staff of AIC is made up of local professionals with an understanding of the needs of our community.

With extensive and comprehensive training, we are qualified Our main office location is 19867 Riverside Dr Grundy. We also have office hours at other locations in surrounding counties. Please call us for further detail.

Our Services

To assist clients to understand and build goals, values and principles replace dysfunctional behavior with self-empowering behavior encourage clients to explore their options and abilities to create a meaningful existence.

We believe in the strength of the family system and that each individual family member plays and important role in the positive change that occurs when all members are working toward one goal.

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Access Intensive Counseling
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Located at: 198673 Riverside Dr, Grundy, VA 24614

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