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Access Intensive Counseling, LLC (AIC) provides licensed professional mental health and life enrichment services. We offer confidential services for those who seek to improve their personal life and find a brighter tomorrow. The staff of AIC is made up of local professionals with an understanding of the needs of our community. Factors, such as flexible and evening hours, offer working individuals an opportunity to have mental health services while maintaining a normal daily routine. The staff is open to suggestions for future services and available by phone or email.

Our main office location is 19867 Riverside Dr Grundy VA 24614 however; we have office hours at other locations in surrounding counties. Please call us for further detail. Do not send mail to this address.

276-244-1380 - Main Phone
866-718-7167 - Fax Line


Our Mailing Address: PO BOX 683 Pounding Mill VA 24637

Susan Fogg, M.S., CSAC, LMHP, LPC
Chief Operating Officer


Mission Statement
Our mission statement is to strengthen and guide others from all walks of life to self-empowerment through clinical services and education.

Our goals
To assist clients to understand and build goals, values and principles replace dysfunctional behavior with self-empowering behavior encourage clients to explore their options and abilities to create a meaningful existence.

Our beliefs
We believe in the strength of the family system and that each individual family member plays and important role in the positive change that occurs when all members are working toward one goal.

Provider information
AIC accepts most insurances, federal insurance, Medicaid and private pay. We are a state certified vendor (EVa vendor) and certified Department of Aging and Rehabilitative Services vendor. Our licensed and certified therapists provides quality mental health services with a client centered based view. AIC staff has over 20 years of experience in mental health counseling and we are also certified by the Supreme Court of the Commonwealth of Virginia to provide court ordered parent education to those who are so ordered to participate. Our agency has staff certified in: Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT & JMRT), Certified Substance Abuse Counseling (CSAC), Red Cross Disaster Counseling, Crisis Counseling, child/sexual abuse counseling, CPI, mental health and psychological evaluations and assessments plus Behavior Modification. Our therapist serves on local boards such as the Southwest Virginia Community College Great Expectations Program and the Buchanan Family Assessment Planning Team.
All of our services are covered by licensure and may be viewed on the following websites: CSA, Eva vendors, Virginia Board of Licensed Professionals and SWCC Great Expectations Board listing and Virginia Juvenile Justice Association. Our membership with the EVa vendors allows us to be contracted by any state entity due to having met state qualifications and records checks.

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